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VIP - Violin Internet Portals

VIP - Violin Intelligent Portal
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VDB - Violin Dash Boards

VDB - Violin DashBoards
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VTM - Violin Tours Management

VTM - Violin Tours Management
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VGF - Violin Gerenciador de Franquias

VGF - Violin Franchise Manager
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VRH - Violin Recursos Humanos

Violin Human Resources
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Our applications are focused in the digitalization of Business Rule and have as objective automate operational and management process.
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VRM - Violin Risk Management

Corporate governance with risk management and compliance. Wisen allows your company to develop the ability to detect and react to deviations in advance, changes in the environment and emerging opportunities. The adoption of the system streamlines management of your organization providing a high degree of collaboration, visibility and monitoring for decision-makers can base their choices on the best information available. The system captures, structures, consolidates and analyzes in a real-time consistent information generated by different sectors of an organization, ensuring that a manager always has the best information available at the moment of decision making.


  • Classify different types of risks and controls;
  • Allow the creation or modification of objects, attributes, relationships, etc. to fit the system for different governance policies;
  • Aggregate information at different levels (tactical and operational) and clippings (functional, regional, product, customer, etc.);
  • Allow non-invasive collection of structured and unstructured data;
  • Allow the analysis and sharing of information among different levels of management.


  • Improved ability to predict risks and opportunities;
  • Reduce costs caused by redundancy in internal controls and processes of the organization;
  • Improve capacity for risk analysis;
  • Improve information access and compliance treatment;
  • Increase competitiveness and improve capacity to innovate in dynamic and uncertain environments;
  • Increase transparency and better interaction management among the organization internal agents and external stakeholders.
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