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VIP - Violin Internet Portals

VIP - Violin Intelligent Portal
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VDB - Violin Dash Boards

VDB - Violin DashBoards
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VTM - Violin Tours Management

VTM - Violin Tours Management
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VGF - Violin Gerenciador de Franquias

VGF - Violin Franchise Manager
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VRM - Violin Risk Management

Violin Risk Management
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VRH - Violin Recursos Humanos

Manage people and control all the personnel department routines efficiently and securely, including personalized information about employees and their various legal and management stages. The VRH is highly flexible and allows tolerance to the frequent changes in legislation and adapts to the specific needs of each industry. Integrated modules allow the company to automate the entire cycle of personnel department and HR processes, providing greater value for the company and its employees. The implementation of VRH is conducted by professionals with extensive experience in Personnel Department and RH management, and your company relies on a specialized structure of services to meet new demands and provide technological support to their human resource policies.


  • Widely parameterized so tuser produce own formulas, tables and reports;
  • Allow integration with financial and accounting systems of any ERP;
  • Generate all legal reports;
  • Differentiate schemes of payment (hourly, daily workers, weekly, monthly) and types of employees (rural, foreigners, teachers, commissioners, directors, apprentices, etc.);
  • Define various periods in the month for the generation of payroll processing of months with cash and expertise in order to isolate movements;
  • Administer the distribution of book values for competence and / or effective;
  • Integrate in magnetic bodies with fund raising, banks and ministries.


  • More agility and efficiency in the personnel department;
  • Greater convenience for maintenance of employee's history data;
  • More security to run the payroll;
  • Improve data collection and specific reports;
  • Increased capacity of payroll data integration with other management systems;
  • Enhance the relationship between PD and the company's employees..


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