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Other Applications

VDB - Violin Dash Boards

VDB - Violin DashBoards
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VTM - Violin Tours Management

VTM - Violin Tours Management
Acess here >>

VGF - Violin Gerenciador de Franquias

VGF - Violin Franchise Manager
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VRM - Violin Risk Management

Violin Risk Management
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VRH - Violin Recursos Humanos

Violin Human Resources
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VIP - Violin Intelligent Portal

Manage real-time communication processes and usage information, enabling efficient management of all relationships and knowledge bases of your company. VIP allows you to create a unified online environment and manage relationships, communication channels, content sources and knowledge, facilitating the management of rules, flows and permissions for the integration of internal and external users. The adoption of VIP integrates your business through collaboration tools that allow intelligent and secure information sharing among various departments, keeping them aligned to your business' goals. The system also allows the creation of dynamic reports to monitor performance indicators and monitor, in real time, network behavior and interactions of all users.


  • Integrate users, communication channels and content sources;
  • Distribute and share information quickly and efficiently;
  • Ensure the integrity and security of business knowledge;
  • Improve integration between internal and external users;
  • Monitor strategic information and manage knowledge bases of the organization.


  • Create a unified business information database;
  • Increase channels of communication and interactivity;
  • Improve processes by applying active information management;
  • Improve knowledge management, departmental activities and processes;
  • Increase governance and decision making capacity.


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