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Our applications are focused in the digitalization of Business Rule and have as objective automate operational and management process.
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Next generation framework for Web Applications development and real-time process governance.



We develop software using one of the most advanced technological platforms for web software development which gives us a unique capacity to produce, deliver, customize and maintain software applications at a significant lower cost compared to other suppliers.


Violin Platform consists of set of integrated frameworks and middlewares that provide more agility and flexibility for software development and web applications management. This architecture provide business analysts all the essential tools to configure and control the behavior of multiple process, applications properties and all users interactions within it's operating environment.


This means that when acquiring Embria's software services, your company will receive a complete set of tools to automate and customize business process and manage user's interactions, providing more features to govern and manage specific activities, and control business information and transactions in real time.


With a next generation technology for service oriented components development and customization, online communication and collaboration, process governance and information management in real time, organizations from all sizes and segments find in Violin Platform the definitive solution to obtain more efficiency, competitiveness and profit in their business activities. All this with an unmatchable cost-benefit.

More Reusability

Violin Platform® has a unique service oriented architecture that allows you to establish standards for the construction of software components, providing more agility for developers to create and custom different applications from simple parameters configuration.


The developed components are stored in specific repositories (component services, data tables and interface design) and are permanently available for developers, data analysts and webdesigners, allowing them to share different applications and services and configure multiple relationship between other repository objects.

More Integration

Violin Platform® has an architecture based in open patterns for communication, transport, storage and representation, in a computing integrated environment, which allows our clients to reach a high level of interoperability among internal and external applications


All the repository objects are XML commands driven (webservices), provinding more agility to developers to create integration applications for legacy systems and heterogeneous environments, and also enabling a better governance over ICT actives and business process management.

More Performance

Violin Platform® has a scalable processing architecture build to support a great number simultaneous data process in a uniform way, guaranteeing better performance and availability for application automation and mission-critical environments.

This allows us to follow our client's level of demand according to their need of resources, storage, process information and business process, providing an optimized flexible service.

More Security

Violin Platform® has advanced information security resources to control and manage confidentiality properties, information and service's integrity and availability in a process management environment within corporate networks.


With the combination of cryptography, permission control and certification mechanisms, a high level of security is obtained for online transactions, guaranteeing safety and privacy policies for different types of organizations.

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