VIP - Violin Internet Portals

VIP - Violin Intelligent Portal
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VDB - Violin Dash Boards

VDB - Violin DashBoards
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VTM - Violin Tours Management

VTM - Violin Tours Management
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VGF - Violin Gerenciador de Franquias

VGF - Violin Franchise Manager
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VRM - Violin Risk Management

Violin Risk Management
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VRH - Violin Recursos Humanos

Violin Human Resources
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More software to empower your business management

Our software applications are focused in the digitalization of business rules, and has as main objective the automation of operational and administrative process with maximum strictness and adherence to the specific needs of different business models.


This power is enhanced by the pre-build component architecture of Violin Platform that can be configured or customized according to the scope of requirements of each client, raising efficiency in development processes and quality of applications regarding standardization, functionalities, usability, interfaces and documentation.


This means that when developing a new software or building a new project for a client, we focus all efforts of development scope in code intelligence for the automation of specific business transactions, once most of all common components (registration, menus, navigation, usability, workflow, search, collaboration, share, etc.) are already built and ready to be configured.


This way, software applications developed by Embria standout by a higher level of adherence, a greater added value, a final cost significantly lower for the client, and a continuous evolution of applications, with improvements, and insertions of new functionalities without additional cost for the client.


More Features

Violin Softwares® have advanced functionalities for desktop like applications development (multiscreen interface, customized menus, dynamic tables, simultaneous processing, etc.), providing end users a more efficient experience in usability and navigation.


This way users can adopt web-based applications with a significant higher level of functionality, constantly available and updated and accessed by any browser. These applications can be installed in central servers, based in intranet, extranet or internet, network environment.

More Collaboration

Violin® softwares are provided to our clients with integrated tools focused in online communication, collaboration, information sharing and knowledge management with the objective to raise interaction levels and better improve the use of information of different corporate users.


This way, you can create a unified network to integrate people, process and business information, and also allow automation and continuous optimization of process from systematic analysis of operational indicators extracted from integrated applications.

More Customization

Violin® softwares optimize operational and governance process with maximum strictness and adherence to the needs of multiple business models, allowing full customization of components according to each client's specific processes.


This way, you can automate process environments, rules and specific business transactions with a higher level of adherence at significant lower cost for the client, guaranteeing continuous improvement of applications, updates and insertion of new functionalities without additional costs.

More Governance

Violin® softwares are built based on an innovating interaction control architecture, which allows you to rule and control in real time application properties, process executions and the use of all information by different types of users.


What this actually means, is to provide business managers with integrated tools to automate flows, activities and procedures, make dynamic filter of information, and monitor different management environments in real time, guaranteeing better efficiency and governance of business activities.

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