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We build software using the most advanced technological platforms for Web development.
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Our applications are focused in the digitalization of business rules and has as main objetive to automate operational and administrative process.
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Our services are 100% supported by technology components, allowing results to be transformed into digitized processes interfaces.
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EMBRIA is a Brazilian company focused in developing technologies and software applications to manage people, processes and information in real-time.


Our main goal is to offer the corporate market a complete IT solution with the best cost-benefit possible, combining technological platform, corporate applications and professional consulting services for organizations of all sizes and sectors to achieve greater efficiency, competitiveness and profitability in their business activities.


In order to do this, EMBRIA has combined a team of highly skilled analysts and programmers with experience of over 20 years, with investments in research and development (R & D) in the most advanced business management softwares in the industry worldwide.

The result of this formula is the Violin Platform ®, an innovative technology that has as it's main purpose, to provide customers "The Ultimate Solution" for process automation, corporate governance and business information management.

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