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We build software using the most advanced technological platforms for Web development.
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Our applications are focused in the digitalization of business rules and has as main objetive to automate operational and administrative process.
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Software Platform as a differential for management and consulting services


Our consulting services and management solutions are 100% supported by technological components allowing the results of each project to be delivered as digitalized process interfaces, permanently available for different types of users within the corporate network.


This means going beyond methodologies and concept documentations, by applying technological tools to automate and manage each step of the consulting project, guaranteeing the assimilation of acquired knowledge through the construction and implementation of software interfaces completely customized to support business activities according to the reality of each client.


In addition to that, all the steps in the project are managed using Platform Violin's Activity Management and Online Collaboration tools, so multiple participants can be integrated in the project in a real time interactive environment sharing information and knowledge, besides documenting and collecting the feedback from all involved stakeholders to obtain the best final result for the client.


This way, Embria has the ability to conduct consulting and development projects with maximum efficiency, guaranteeing the accomplishment of specified requirements listed in the initial project scope within the deadline, a continuous improvement of business process, and optimization of management and our clients.

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Violin® professional consulting services are 100% supported by technological components allowing the results of each project ti be delivered as customized digital process interfaces for each kind of user within the corporate network.


We have the ability to conduct consulting and development projects with maximum efficiency, guaranteeing the end result will attend the initial specifications within the established deadline, and also providing continuous improvements for business process and the optimization of management indicators for our clients.

More Methodology

Violin® professional consulting services are planed and executed according to project management standards using Violin Platform's Communication and Activity Management tools so every interaction and information exchanged with the project participants and stakeholders are documented and reused in different steps of the project.


As a result, it is possible to assure that the assimilation of the acquired knowledge will support drawn and/or remodeled process according to the specified requirements. At the same time, collaborative environments give flexibility to adjust the scope during a project execution.

More Results

Violin® Professional consulting services were created to promote immediate return to the client as automated and unified process management interfaces, allowing a considerable improvement in management efficiency in the business environment. At the same time, it is possible to create a knowledge base constantly updated, which will provide continuous improvement of business process.


Aligning services with both, specific knowledge and integrated tools for real time process and information management, organizations of all sizes and segments are able to find the definitive solution to get more efficient, competitive and profitable in their business activities.

More knowledge

Violin® Professional consulting services contribute to format a great knowledge database concerning multiple processes information within the corporate network. With a unified communication and activity management environment, it is possible to register and index multiple information sources and make it accessible to different business areas.


As a result of this, the company acquires a professional consulting service for the execution of specific activities while collecting organization's diffused information which will serve as knowledge base for training, management and decision making.

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