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Our applications are focused in the digitalization of business rules and has as main objetive to automate operational and administrative process.
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Our applications are focused in the digitalization of Business Rule and have as objective automate operational and management process.
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Research and Development

More research, more innovation... more progress

The truth is that countries that standout social-economically are the one which have a culture of technological innovation present in all the social-organizational spheres of interaction. This culture goes deep the initiatives of teaching centers, universities, companies, private organizations and governments that have well planned guidelines, goals for knowledge sharing and focus in commercial results.


Investments in research and development (R&D) have become a synonym for progress in societies based in technological knowledge, entrepreneurship and capital venture. From this point of view, technological innovation acquires a catalyst role in long term transformation with a direct impact in the everyday life of people, organizations and governments that act under the premises of globalization, in a sophisticated economical context with a high level of competition.


Embria understands the process of Reseach and Development as a springboard to generate and spread knowledge that can be reverted to tangible and intangible wealth for the society. This way, our organizational culture practices and incentive actions to investigate new possibilities, new products, services, and new ways to obtain better results, with more efficiency, greater added value, less costs and more benefits for people and organizations.


Nowadays the areas of strategic technological knowledge being researched are:

  • Software frameworks
  • Interactions control
  • Distributed computing
  • Database
  • Artificial Intelligence

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