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Our applications are focused on scanning of Business Rules, and are designed to automate administrative and operational processes.
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Our applications are focused in the digitalization of Business Rule and have as objective automate operational and management process.
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Technical information

Violin Platform® was developed with one of the most advanced programming languages in the market – JAVA (J2EE). This means more agility for developers, multiprocessing capacity, interoperability among platforms, code portability, robust applications, and security for software developing of software.

SOA – Service Oriented Architecture
Violin Platform® is based on distributed computing architecture with capacities to create, standardize and document unique generic functions used by different applications in reusable components with complete interoperability, so they can be used by different devices as services, without the need to be rewritten. This allows you to reach a high level of maturity in software environment that results in lower costs for development and maintenance, and faster delivery of software and updates.

COA – Control Oriented Architecture
Violin Platform® has an unique interaction control architecture capable of implementing automated processes to create, detect, execute and react to occurrences and systematic events in a process governance environment.

This means allowing business analysts the power to automate flows, activities and known procedures, configure dynamic data filters (from middleware, applications, database, webservices, and other sources), setup automatic change of status of different agents and entities, build projection and simulation of scenarios, and monitor in real-time basis patterns and variations of occurrences in multiple business management environments.

RIA – Rich Internet Application
Violin Platform® was developed to allow the development of web applications with the main existing advantages in the desktop applications. This means a better level of usability, advanced functionalities, multitask interfaces, the capacity to execute and manage multiprocess and lots more. This way, it is possible to build rich applications with significant higher level of functionalities sophistication in web environment and host them in central servers with access through web browsers.

SaaS – Software as a Service
Violin Platform® has an innovating delivery model to distribute software applications as a service, guaranteeing the client the best cost-benefit for business process automation and management. This means there is no need for initial investment with licenses and infrastructure, and most important, is that applications are constantly updated and available to the client. All this for a monthly fee according to the software and service package demanded by the client.

Other technical features:
  • Rapid Application Development Framework (RAD) to develop Web-Desktop-like applications, based on GUI components;
  • Standardized and unified methodology for the development and design of applications;
  • Complete segregation in the development server-side and client-side;
  • Total interoperability and reusability of framework components;
  • Applications defined by XML documents and support to standard SOAP web services;
  • Independent layer of application server, backend platform and operational system;
  • Component, interfaces and metadata Libraries, documented and available for internal and external integration;
  • Object oriented APIs;
  • Ajax interface and integration with mashups;
  • Advanced security layer based on SSL and AES cryptography algorithms;
  • Oracle, SQL Server andPostGre SQL Databases;
  • Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
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